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#SustainableXmas Turkey & Sage Arancini

#SustainableXmas: Wonky Veg. Don’t dispose of those carrots you got that look like they’ve got legs, or the potato that’s got an abnormal looking lump growing out of it. Each year, vegetables that don’t quite stand up against the standards of beauty that supermarkets are setting get thrown away and completely wasted. However, they taste exactly the same as the beautiful veg you’ll find in aisle 2 and you won’t be able to tell the different when chopped up anyway. Remember, it’s on the inside that counts…
Here we have an absolutely mouth-watering recipe you can use your imperfect parsnips in. Create some Christmassy canapes for your parties or for starters on the big day and impress your guests.

What you’ll need to make 20 Arancini balls:
- 93g Risotto Arborio Rice
- 22ml White Wine
- 22g Spanish Onions
- 185ml Hot Water
- 70g Roasted Turkey
- 3.7g Vegetable Bouillon Paste – Knorr
- 26g Mozzarella
- 20g Plain Flour
- 45g Parsnips
- 0.5 of an egg
- 60g Panko Breadcrumbs
- 7.5g Sage

1) Sweat off onions, add rice and cook gently till transparent. Add the parsnip & fresh sage.
2) Add white wine, then slowly add stock and water.
3) Cook on a simmer till rice is soft and water absorbed.
4) Cool and then add mozzarella & chopped turkey trimmings, shape into 20g balls. Place in freezer to firm up.
5) Flour, egg and breadcrumb the balls and put back in freezer till required.
6) When required cook in deep fat fryer till golden, leave to cool and platter.
7) Enjoy!

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Posted: 14/12/2018


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