For us, sustainability is a big subject. It encompasses our entire management system and is to do with how we interact with the people and organisations we engage with, the world’s resources that we use in order to fulfil our business and the waste we produce in so doing. Chiefly our objective is to ensure that we deal with everyone, staff, suppliers, clients fairly and honestly and that we consider their economic and social needs in our relationship with them. Additionally that we minimise both our impact on the world’s resources and any harmful waste we produce.

We have achieved a lot in improving our sustainable credentials, having been awarded the highest possible Food Made Good Rating of 3 Stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. However, we are the first to confess that there is always more to do. It’s a journey with no destination.

A few things we do:

  • Send no waste to landfill, everything is recycled.
  • Use as much UK seasonal produce as possible.
  • Minimise our water and energy use.
  • Use only recycled plastic.
  • Keep our own bees.
  • Make our own jams, chutneys and cordials from UK produce in season.
  • Always be completely honest with everyone we deal with.

Sustainable Development Policy 2018/19

Food Procurement Policy 2018/19


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