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Wondering where our waste goes?

As a sustainable catering company serving thousands of businesses throughout London, we need to be really mindful of the waste we produce - energy, paper, emissions, and most of all, food. The food service industry is one of the biggest contributors to food waste and whether it's controlling portion sizes, utilising produce when at its' best or being innovative with leftovers, there are ways to take on the issue.

We have created this handy info-graphic to let you know where our waste goes, because we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our customers (and also because we're really proud of our Zero to Landfill accreditation, of course).

Check out this handy info-graphic we've created to show you exactly where our waste goes.

If you're interested in how to turn potential food waste into something delicious, The Guardian has a whole section on Food Waste recipes and how to turn unused produce into a lovely dish, such as this 'Spent Orange Marmalade' - check it out here. Similarly, Love Food Hate Waste is on a mission to tackle food waste and their website is full of interesting facts, tips and recipes.

The Too Good to Go app is saving some of the delicious food that would otherwise be thrown away by restaurants/stores and creating 'magic bags' that you collect at the end of the day, filled with delicious produce nearing or exceeding its 'Best Before' date. You won't know exactly what you're getting until you pick it up, so it's kind of like a little surprise gift... Great idea, right? Download the app today and see what you get!

This year Eden will be closing for Christmas on Tuesday 24th December and reopening on Thursday 2nd January 2020. Please ensure you get your Christmas and New Year's orders in early so our team are well-prepared!

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Posted: 28/11/2019


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